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Maggie and Stan

There is now a website devoted to our duo work. So for more information go to

Maggie and Stan also perform as a duo, still called Pluck 'n' Squeeze to avoid confusion!!! Maggie plays her Melodeon, Piano Accordion and Hammered Dulcimer and Stan makes desperate attempts to play Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele Banjo.

Maggie and Stan playing the 2015 Whitby Folk Week Music Hall concert at the Spa Theatre

Maggie and Stan playing at the 2015 Whitby Folk Week Music Hall concert at the Spa Theatre.
Photo courtesy of Mike Everett

We entertain at all sorts of events, particularly those with a real ale bar! We can use amplification or if you value your hearing we are just as happy to be unplugged. We play a mixture of traditional tunes from all over the world and sing a wide variety of songs ranging from traditional folk, music hall, Lancashire weaving songs, comedy, jazz, as well as a number of songs which have to be performed after 10 pm (know what I mean! see below).

Maggie and Stan during a "Bawdy Ballads" Concert"

Maggie and Stan performing at Suffolk Folks' Bawdy Ballads Concert.
Note Stan's innovative use of visual aids