Be it jigs, reels, stamp hops, schottisches, polkas or just drunken staggerings we play 'em all! Pluck 'n' Squeeze play for Barn Dances and Ceilidhs for all sorts of events fundraisers, socials, birthdays and weddings.

The band consists of Maggie on Melodeon, Stan on Ukulele Banjo, Jim on 48 Bass Piano Accordion and Jill on the Fiddle.

The basic format is; a caller takes you through each dance first, explaining all the moves and ensuring that there are no head on collisions. He or she then calls instructions as you go along once the music has started. The band also plays in between dances so you can get to the bar for a well earned pint, and get your breath back.

Dancing is easy to do and great fun, a great way to mix, get exercise and most importantly work up a thirst.


Pluck 'n' Squeeze in action

A Barn Dance

Photo courtesy of Tom