Links to other Bands and Performers

Mary Humphreys and Anahata: Mary and Anahata are both fantastic musicians and give wonderful performances. Singing and accompanying themselves on Melodeons, Concertina, Cello and Banjo as well as playing traditional tunes. Just go and see them, a real treat!!!!!!

Martin Wyndham Read: Great songs, and guitar, highly recommended!. He even has his own "no mans band". He performs a wide variety of songs, many from Australia

Peter and Babara Snape: Two absolutely great perfomers from Lancashire. They not only do traditional songs and tunes, not surprisingly loads from lancashire, but also are brilliant at music hall stuff too. Fantastic singing and melodeon playing and a bit of guitar too. A must see if you ever can (great CDs too!!).

Waterson:Carthy Official Website: Not only the Watersons (Norma and Eliza Waterson and Saul Rose) who are absolutely fantastic but the site includes information on Martin Carthy. Martin is a complete one off. Brilliant and individual guitar playing, he really gets inside a song. One of the main saviours of English traditional ballads and tunes.

The Official Mike Harding Website: A performer of not only stand up comedy but also some very good Lancashire songs. He also hosts the Radio 2 folk programme on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Bernard Wrigley: The Bolton Bullfrog. He's simply great. He performs and writes some very funny songs and also sings traditional stuff as well. The Bass concertina is something to be heard.

Roy Bailey: Roy sings brilliant industrial and political songs as well as lots of other beautiful songs such as Richard Thompson's Beeswing. He also does some very good children's songs. A very funny and entertaining performer.

Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher: What can I say about Bill and Dave, fantastic voices and harmonies and superb concertina playing. If you can go and see them, and you really should, you won't be disappointed. Known as Lincolnshire's best kept secret, they have produced a number of excellent CD's.

John Kirkpatrick: In my opinion Britain's best squeezebox player. Always does great songs and tunes and is fantastic live. His themed shows are really really good. You can't call yourself a proper folkie until you've seen John!!!!

Pete Coe: Described as a one man folk industry. Brilliant on melodeon, banjo, singing and dancing, what more can you say. Again you're not a proper folkie until you've seen Pete. Can't find his site at present but keep an eye out with google.

Stowfolk: A Suffolk band based in Stowmarket. What can I say they've got a great sound and are brilliant to dance to. Contact them on 01449 615816 or by e-mail at

The Houghton Weavers: A great Lancashire band and a great influence on both Stan and Maggie. Great traditional and contemporary Lancashire songs.

The Oldham Tinkers: Another great Lancashire band and another great influence on both Stan and Maggie. Brilliant traditional and contemporary Lancashire songs.

Mark Dowding plus info on Harry Boardman: Mark Dowding is a brilliant guitarist and singer specialising in the songs of the North West. This site also contains info on Harry Boardman (One of my favourite artists, Mark as well!!!). Harry was a great singer and dialect poet, sadly missed. What more can you say about this pair of brilliant Lancashire folk singers.

Sid Kipper: Another one off. He sings brilliantly funny and clever songs satirising all aspects of folk music and dance.

Vin Garbutt: Another one off. He sings beautiful and sad thoughtful songs and then the next moment has you laughing. Great live performer.

Simon Care: If it's brilliant melodeon playing designed to get you dancing that you want, Simon's your man!!!!!

Simon Richie: Not describable, truly a one off. Brilliant melodeon player, step dancer, drummer etc etc etc.

Mike Green & Dave Tricker: A local based duo doing a mixture of Country, bluegrass and traditional folk on guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Great performers and lovely songs

Spit and Polish: Another Suffolk band. They have a very lively contemporary sound.

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